1. Moderation. If you smoke and your feeling that anxiety kick or that terror and bolod dump/rush fear that just hits you. Please cut back or stop as there is s thin line between sanity an insanity. Give your brain a chance to clear up.

    I do this myself. ✌️

    To anyone reading this. I send you positive energy and i hope you have a great day. 🙂

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  4. I feel sad when I dont smoke but it's not like I feel a need to smoke when I'm sober I'm not sad about not smoking I just think my "normal" state of mind is sad. I was always that way even before I smoked and when I was a little kid. I'd come home from school and just stare at the roof and listen to sad music. When I was 7 I tried to strangle myself in front of my mom and didnt know why.. I had no drive in life just emptiness. I started smoking weed and I got an appetite all of a sudden and felt happy and wanted to be social and finally started making my first friends and started dating girls because I actually had the drive to talk to people and do things and my focus improved so much my parents took me off ADD medicine… I feel like it's done so much good for me and the world keeps wanting to tell me it's the cause of my problems. I dont get it. Maybe I should quit smoking and get heavily medicated and become an anti social zombie with a lack of appetite like the pills i used to take for ADD before marijuana made me feel.

  5. weed made me real paranoid & weird even after I stopped It's been the same if not worse !! Im literally having my first therapy session Tomarrow

  6. I would also say that marijuana affects everyone differently. There are people that use it who just relax and maybe get sleepy and then there are people (like me) who smoke it and have a intense experience (i.e. very stimulated, vivid imagination when eyes are closed, ect.) While it can be enjoyable in my experience, it can also be overwhelming. I know for a fact that if I used it a lot, there would be negative mental effects which is why I don't. I do not think marijuana is addictive but would advise people with mental health issues to monitor their use and cease if it impacts your mood the days after using it. There are many people who need it as medicine because it works better for them and has a much better safety profile. As with any psychoactive substance, use responsibly and don't abuse it.

  7. The first year of smoking I was fine but then my head started to be unclear and blurred like a weight is on my head. Now It’s 2 years and I’m smoking less but I’m at my worst point head wise. Sense of time is hard and I feel like I’ve been 3/10 high for a few weeks. Everything is unclear and time Is going too fast.

  8. I smoked weed for years and thought it was kool but about a year ago I noticed how depressed I felt after smoking weed it like I have the bad feeling about myself and where I should be in life I quit smoking weed and now I’m fine and getting things done. I don’t want to be one of the guys bad mouthing weed because I smoked it for years but I’m just saying it’s not for me no more

  9. Stop smoking with the Tobacco and use a bong to have a real hit of the weed.. some people can’t smoke out of wraps because the flames from the blunt is like a fire in the person brain for some people and that’s what causes anxiety.. smoke out a bong with ice cold water and you hitting smooth hits and have that balanced high you were looking for

  10. **Can Consuming high potency cannabis strains of today regularly such as 500-1000 mg THC edibles cause mental illness, and have there been any long term studies done on this**

  11. Weed can bring out skitso In people but they already have it it can trigger anxiety plus more but weed is great and should be 10000 percent legal everywhere

  12. Well, I sometimes hate dogs even more when under the influence of Cannabis.
    It's a mild psychedelic affecting different brain regions, receptors & neutransmitters. It can definitely enhance things like thoughts & emotions, make them more intense so to say.
    A mixture of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids…
    Cannabis is an herb, not 1 molecule, like some other psychoactives.

  13. Well let me tell you. I'm diagnosed with Bpd and use cannabis as a medication. And like the guy mentioned in an earlier comment if u treat the plant with the respect it deserves it will be amazing for you. You have to know your balance I can't smoke concentrates or smoke big amounts anymore like I used to or it sends me into sort of an emotional phychosis I would say. But also when I go with no cannabis this also happens to me. I only smoke pm few bongs. And it works for me. Can deffo go both ways just depends if you have enough self control not to abuse it.

  14. My sister is type 1 bipolar. She smoked a bit of weed this morning after not having smoked it for months and had a complete psychotic breakdown/episode. She was hallucinating and hearing things and after 4-5 hours, she didn't remember anything that had happened. It was the scariest and weirdest thing I've ever seen and I've never seen her behave that way in my life. I didnt even know marijuana could do that. I quit smoking it about 2 years ago, (smoked since I was 13, am now 25) just because I wanted to live a sober lifestyle. I am pro legalization. But the research needs to be done on the connection/effect with cannibis on mentally ill people and/or if it causes mental illness. Because after this morning, I certainly believe that if you are mentally ill in any way, I would not chance smoking weed. The things my sister were saying were completely bizarre. It was the scariest/weirdest expierience I've had in my entire life. She was so sad and confused when I was telling her that none of what she was seeing/hearing was real. And her eyes, oh my god! It's like I could see into her soul. I can't describe it. I was asking her if she took anything else and if I could see the weed and she was being completely honest and somewhat robotic in everything I was asking her. (If she's using drugs, she always lies about it, even though I can tell if she's high) That was another strange thing about this. All of this was completely surreal for me. I told her I would talk with her tomorrow, because she called me after I dropped her off back home (after she started being normal again), and she completely was clueless as to what happened and that she thinks she blacked out and didnt know why or what happened? It's a sad thing. And something I didn't even know that was possible from smoking weed. I am at a loss with what to do about this.

  15. It all depends on the strains, dude. My weed was laced with pcp but I’m pretty sure it was the vyvanse pills that truly set me off. Thanks doc. I hate that it’s advertised as a gateway drug. It’s not a miracle drug but it definitely has a lot less side effects than the pills that are dosed out. I’m not against either but when your doc doesn’t know what he’s doing, smoke weed.

  16. Marijuana may only be good for some issues just like any other drug out there. If I have a headache am I going to drink pepto? No I’m going to take aspirin. Don’t try to use it marijuana as a cure all for everyone and then shoot it down because it doesn’t work for a certain illness. We do t treat any other treatment like that.

  17. "Social Framework" aside….you neglected to mention that THC and CBD are contra-indicacted with many psch meds because they inhibit the metabolic liver enzyme Cytochrome P 450 which breaks down medications. There's a lot more to this than social stigma. There's a very real biochemical issue. Unfortunately those who want to promote THC and CBD don't mention that and the general public doesn't know it's dangerous to take prescriptions with THC and CBD.

  18. My brother acts very demonic if he doesn't smoke. He smokes everyday like he needs it. I asked him why does he smoke it and he said he doesn't know. He's the type of person that has the answer to everything. No matter what you say to support him or motivate him, he comes back with some biblical message. And I always say to myself, if you know all this good messages, why do you still do what you do? His reply is, we all sin. I believe this is somewhat of an antichrist spirit. For he feels he has the answers to everything and if he can't smoke, he acts like a beast. If you are addicted to anything in this world, you need to make sure if it's your flesh or a demon.

  19. marijuana does the same thing that alcohol does for me when im depressed and down in the dumps. it makes me feel a hell of lot better almost like that depression and sadness goes right out the window. and i have seen a doctor about my condition and all they want to do is give me meds and those meds work to but give me the zombie like effects and i hate that. so i stick with weed and alcohol.

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