Marijuana THC vs CBD, CBG, CBN: What’s the difference? What are health benefits of each?

Cannabis, also known as hemp or marijuana, has a long history of human use. But lately, the buzz around this plant — and the cannabinoids within it — has …


  1. Myrcene is what makes you sleepy. Its not naturally in the hemp plant. I smoke hemp and do not get sleepy from it just anxiety release and pain help. And it only last about 3 hours per joint. I have a drug tolerance build up like know other it only takes me days to a week but this was fast.

  2. I have OA in my neck and knees. Also 9 pinched nerves in my neck. I take cbc/cbd in the morning and cbn/cbd at night before bed. It works wonders. I was amazed at the difference in my sleep with just 10mg cbn at night. The pain/anti inflamitory effect of cbd takes a bit to work, usually 3-4 days but it only takes 1-2 days to notice when I stop.

  3. We have to know the differences between these cannabis compounds to get to know them better and have enough knowledge to impart to others. We can also know what cannabis compounds are best for us.

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