Homemade CBD Cream for Dogs and Cats

http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news If your dog or cat has arthritic pain, or inflamed skin from an allergy, then you can help that at home with this easy to make …


  1. I've received your CBD Oil. It is the 900 mg so how much should I use since I understand the dropper is such to pre-measure the right amount. Also I have the Coconut Oil. What is the other container you have that I need to add. Thanks, Dr Jones

  2. Very good video! I have a very urgent question: I'll be receiving my first order of CBD oil on Monday and will be giving it to my cat who has a tumour inside her mouth on her upper jaw where 4 teeth were removed. It's squamous cell carcinoma and I'm not putting through any chemo, radiation etc. Is it ok if I put the drops of CBD oil directly on it if I can manage? And can i put a few drops on her outside cheek andctub it in? Thank you

  3. Andrew, could you recommend the best place online that sells genuine CBD oil for pets? From my readings I assume the cbd oil should be at least 50% pure at a minimum? Any suggestions would be great. Your videos are very informative!

  4. I’ve been adding the oil to my 17 year old cat’s food for arthritis. Is topical preferred over ingesting it? I’m challenged to figure out where he’s sore (he limps and the vet says his arthritis is somewhere else). He just started on the Ultimate cat supplement as well.

  5. I love your channel!🐾🐾❤️ Your voice & mannerisms remind me so much of Timothy B. Schmit, the bass player for the Eagles. I adore him! You really should look it up & listen to an interview. It's uncanny.

  6. Thank you for all you do for us and our pets, Dr. Jones! What was the other jar you picked up during the fast part of the video? Did you add that to the coconut oil/CBD mixture? I'm going to try this on Bogart, my 7 yr old Corgi. He has allergies and arthritis.

  7. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I subscribed to everything possible on your channel, but I haven't received any e-book. Checked my spam – nothing from Dr Jones 🙁

  8. I’m using medical marijuana cbdoil 1/1 ratio + extra cbdoil total of 12ml a day, it’s shrinking my acoustic Neroma brain tumor. I’m using to fight this inoperable brain tumour, but getting more info from legal sources on strains is very difficult as companies don’t want to give up secrets.. Tweed.com has medical grade quality.. thanks doc

  9. I make a salve for mine it's olive and coconut oil beeswax calendula yarrow echinacea plantain and rosemary. It works for cuts burns bug bites and rashes

  10. The outside view is breathtaking! I hate living in a subdivision. This is something I will keep, just in case. Was there another product you added? I saw a white container along with the cbd and coconut oil. Thanks for sharing. 😉💕

  11. Wish I had this for my dog that passed a few years back at age 2 1/2 , the small one in my thumb photo , Great Pyrenees !!!!!!! In the photo he was about 4 months or so .

  12. Dr. Jones, with all due respect as I love your videos, I can not hear you well enough, as the music is LOUDER then your voice, but am really interested in this video as mentioned… My cat eats Unrefined Organic Coconut oil & he loves it, would it be better that way with the help/cbd in the coconut oil please? As animals have fur & allergies etc. & can only put it on the bare/hairless areas instead of all over their bodies is impossible without them being all greasy & getting it all over the house or dirt sticking to the areas after going outside sir? Are there side affects from Hemp please? Did she lick all the oils off her tummy? 😉

  13. Love all your shows. Learning so much.
    I have a cat that is scratching at the back of her head near her ear, which is cauliflower from a hematoma. She has it raw , right at the edge of bleeding. What can I put on it safely.

  14. We recently found our elderly cat dead. We let him out to play on a nice day, after he had been behaving very strange, and he never came home. Someone perched his dead body up on the stop sign close to our home….as creepy as it sounds, I have to believe it is because everyone around her loves pets, and knows that he belonged to someone. He was 9 years old. We quickly spotted him and took him home to bury him. It looks as though he died in his sleep (because of his position), but he had blood coming out of his mouth. What could have caused this death?

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