CBD for ADHD | Dr. Frank Michalski Discusses Using CBD Oil for ADHD

Watch as Dr. Frank Michalski and the Co-Founder of CBD BioCare, Stacey Pitts, discuss using CBD for ADHD. Visit our blog at CBD BioCare today to learn more …


  1. Be careful dealing with CBD Biocare. If you're losing a lot of sales the company might me taking them from you. Matthew Pitts is a hot head and should have a muzzle.

  2. How can i give this to my son who refuses to put even pill in this mouth. Can i put this in his water? He was taking contera 36 mg and he feels anxity and depressed when he takes it. I need help he is 14 years old and hard to get him too do anything. He is failing school and sometimes doesnt he go too school

  3. Miss Stacey & Dr Frank, There are many MANY stories that I could relate here, but I'll lend this one. My, then 7 year old granddaughters came to visit for a week last summer. They are my extremely bipolar son's daughters. One is on an amphetamine, (Fulcran or Vulcran) by day and clonodine for sleep?!?! A nuerological nightmare!!! A tragedy in the making!! Talk about a drug gateway!!! I did not give my granddaughter her meds, instead I gave her a dose of CBD before getting out of bed in the morning and at bed time!! On the 4th night my granddaughter volunteered the following, "PoP "Pop this has been the best part of my days and the best part of my nights"!! Completely UNSOLICITED!!!!!!! I didnt need to ask my granddaughter how she was feeling from the CBD!!! It was obvious!! Both of my granddaughters were kindred all week long!!! They got along better then they ever had!!! Also On Youtube you can hear my childrens stories called "Is CBD being suppressed" We use a brand of CBD called Natures Nutrients because of its absolute PURITY!!! We tryed 9 other brands before finding Nature Nutrients. Their # is 410-820-7700. PEACE!!!

  4. Ive had both boy n a girl they display it differently. Ive had night mareish dealing wiith dr. And meds i used to believe in meds and those stimulants do cause long term in our case permanent change in their brains. I wont do it again. I do support natural meds and vitimins if theres a nutritional deficiency do that first and go from there. I my case adhd runs in my family. My grandson has it n im going to try nutritional things like u mentioned and looking into cbd but for now a little caffine iron omega 3 and B vitamins.

  5. When introduced to cannabis, slowly started to use compulsively. Eventually on the 14th day of quitting cold Turkey, I received my first ever cbd oil from the online market. Surprised at how it helped me focus. Other than the fact that it helped me quit cannabis, I use it every day now. I am very postive I have undiagnosed adhd (will have proper diagnosis in the future), have been reading and watching a lot on adhd as well as cbd. There's usually no correlation to the two in the mass media but once in a while I see a patriot like me. I would say I use cbd oil primarily for the aid of focus and the anxiety that comes along with it. A tremendous help, just waiting to see actual studies being done over this topic

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