The surprising connection between cannabis and mind-body health | Elise Keller | TEDxWindsor

NOTE FROM TED: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice. While cannabis and CBD are an emerging field of study, their associated health effects …


  1. interesting, she mentioned everything except fasting. if you have the will power to refrain from eating for a few days every now and then your health will drastically improve…. mind, body and spirit.

  2. Beautiful plant,all the different strains,smells, colours, size's, different "highs" to.i came out of ptsd child abuse,I smoked it & felt instantly better…it's cruisy,you'll have epiphanies one after another, creative thinking,it's a plant & big pharma is stealing that to.

  3. I say, "the Truth of the Matter" is , according to the Bible, the Earth and it's inhabitants have been here for 6,000 yrs. ! So even though man has been using this HERB for 5,000 yrs. and "No One has ever died from using it", WE STILL NEED MORE TESTING!?! We just don't know "what Harm it can do to Our bodies and Mind"!?! …… "Just Kidding"!!! 🙂

  4. Blood sugar imbalances (low blood sugar) is clearly a by-product of use.
    Some people crash hard from this not ~so much~ the drug effect.
    People need to learn to eat for their bodies, not their mouths.

    At 62 yo, I am on NO PRESCRIPTION MEDS, I am an outcast…
    in the views of most medical practitioners. I avoid them,
    with CV1984 EPICdemic, things are out of control.

  5. My mother (a registered nurse, trained in germ theory) was adamant that pregnant women should not use cannabis in any form… that it will hurt the baby long term. When I brought up the Human Endo Cannabinoid System, that humans were wired for the substance, and that like endorphins, CANNABINOIDS ARE THE MASTER COMMUNICATOR in the human body, that due to laws and regulations has been made illegal and that NEARLY ALL ANIMALS have been cut off from them in our diet and intake. People are less healthy, out of balance due to highly flawed medical and legal process. People are suffer due to the lack of, not due to the presence of cannabinoid class of substances in our lives and bodies.

  6. I strongly agree with all that was said here, but I'd like you to consider that our thoughts are the true key to this connection of wellness. There is a pure, loving, divine, life force energy, that flows to and through, each and every cell in our bodies and connects us all. And when you love yourself, first and foremost…you are connected to that energy, and you will feel an inner peace and guidance regardless of what is happening around you. When you love yourself you will care about how you feel in each and every moment. This it truly magical, and it's the key that will create more joy in your day, and as the momentum picks up, it will lead to a joyful life!I As we learn to be authentic and honor our temple, this amazing and complex community of cells that we are, we will have less stress in our lives, we will care for our bodies more, and we will get the necessary exercise as we connect to our unlimited potential. The new science of epigenetics is proving this. Blessings to you for your journey in helping others become more aware of the benefits of cannabis. I myself am a strong proponent of it for treatment of fibromyalgia, and migraine headaches. And it's also drastically alleviated the severe pain from kidney stones. May your journey continue to expand and may your life be full of joy and abundance.

  7. Thank you. Let's try and end the 50 year "legal" oppression and smear of cannibis and its users. It's time. Seriously, the world needs for everybody to learn to chillout in the most positive and sensible ways and reasons.

  8. I am a Christian and believe in using it for healing and have had some wonderful and intense conversations with God while using it. We need to understand that God created this for our use. Period.

  9. Found your videos interesting to watch. I can't wait to see your new video soon. Good Luck with the upcoming update. This video is very useful, interesting, and effective.

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