1. Omg that is unbelievable…gave me tears.
    Pfizer probably hates medical Marijuana..largest pharmaceutical makers of oxycodone and oxycotin…they were the 1s who fed the PILL EPIDEMIC by giving cash rewards 2 physicians who would prescribe patients LARGER amounts of 15mg-30mg oxycodone, muscle relaxers, Xanax and Valium..they actually said that there was only a 1-2 percent chance of becoming ADDICTED 2 those medicines..watch CRIME OF THE CENTURY…it was a big eye opener 2 what BIG PHARMA was really about and what happened to cause America to have a HUGE PILL EPIDEMIC…truly explains why there was over a million deaths during the pill epidemic and who was really a huge contributor for it to actually have happened..if not for Pfizer and j&j a LOT OF PEOPLE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE TODAY.

  2. Excuse the question, can someone tell me how to use it if it is the oil or it is smoked I know a man who suffers from Parkinson's disease

  3. “And God said, behold I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, which is the fruit of the tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

  4. Also, note we've been deprived of this herb by our government for no good reason. Even if its legalised, they want to hang on to some control by referring it as medical Marijuana- what's the difference between that and a marijuana? Also, what is the health risk if taken without a doctor prescription. If your gov can't justify this you should ignore them.

  5. I would give that man free weed if i lived were he lived,(im from CANADA),thats a crime if you ask me,not helpn someone in need,its only weed dammit,i grow it with all me veggies,as anyone should be ,if they choose,

  6. Have yall seen the news documentary called " Charlotte's web" anyone who is against marijuana or thinks it's all b.s. and an excuse to get high needs to watch it and this documentary then judge. Or get to know someone who has some of the symptoms or develop the symptoms then take some m.j. and tell me diff. It you could imagine sneezing uncontrollably for hours and the doc saying if you take some m.j. it will stop your symptoms no matter what state your in but In some if not most of those states u will be arrested and jailed

  7. I was a stressed out over thinker that was very materialistic. Dealing with the changes of covid and a car crash made the way I was amplified. Especially with all the medication I was taking. It got to the point where I started talking to myself randomly and I would shake my hands randomly at every stressful thought. Then I was introduced to weed. I was able to calm down and think properly. Sometimes about random weird or funny things lol 😆 I became a happy man that found peace within and realized that my materialistic ways is nonsense. I am no longer at war with myself and feel free. I don't even yell anymore at all or stutter. Weed saved me.

  8. Jamaicans have always know it helps many things. They learn from Caribbean people. I'm glad people are getting help. But its for profit in America

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