1. Nah i dont care about weed.. because if is already open to medical they will need to have a place just for the smokers like in some european countrys that you use heroin inside a building and the users do put there needles at safe place for use needles they are all under survaillnace inside and out of the building.. but i dont want that coming out my pocket so someone else can be free smoking in close federal building and i am outiside or inside working to pay for this individual

  2. Everybody in Detroit should move out and leave it to those politicians. Let them have it. EVERYONE LEAVE DETROIT. The city is doomed in the hands of those politicians. They can't have power if there is no one to control. No people, no money. We have legalized marijuana in our part of the country and I have to say the revenue is helping us a lot.

  3. It’s just a way to up the prices for opening a dispensary. Here in Alaska you have to be a millionaire to open a shop because of all the rules set forth to be in compliance. The government wants their cut!

  4. There doing this to heret people that's really now how too grown weed and a home grown tarist like Whitmer can be like a cooked game for her deep states friend and too hert people how ho got cut of social security or we'll fari only direktid too sertin people in the state of Michigan we'll pland attack so she only makes money when she gets out of office and stealing people land too do it

  5. This is about white privileged dwindling away,it’s not fair to them unless they have an advantage but when the indigenous natives of the land get a little taste of what they deserve their actual birth rights then laws have to be made, that’s why I say don’t fall for the racism, they coolest white guy you know could be plotting on your down fall and a lot of us wouldn’t see it coming if it was neon because we forgot who the enemy was a long time ago when started coming against one ☝️ another. 🤦🏾‍♂️ first Obama then Kamala n Biden damn it man when are we going to learn

  6. Why would foreigners have privilege over people of the city. This is the issue with housing in this country. Foreign investors have flooded the market causing the price increase. The whole country should do this. In California, you have Russian, Chinese, and Mexican mafia who own dispensaries as well as corporate companies who dump large sums of money leaving the little people out. Good job DETROIT

  7. Good. Why are they selling that trash in the first place. You should not cherry pick which substances are all of the sudden cool after years of demonizing it. Tryptamines are far more therapeutic and medicinally valuable than reefer. Why isn’t this legal

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