Top 6 Best CBD Vape Pens (Best CBD Vapes) for 2021

Hello and welcome back to another exciting roundup of top-quality tech from the good folks at MIST! Today we’re going to be taking a look at some of the very …


  1. Hey, the so-called MIST,
    I want to share my thoughts about this video.
    Sorry, but you are totally wrong in yours statements.
    First – no one should vape CBD with cotton made coil, only ceramic ones is allowed. Neither CBD E-Liquids, nor CBD Oil!
    While is imperative prohibition for second mentioned due to harmful side-effects witch can occur burning cotton and oil, first is just wasting your money for nothing else than fancy using E-liquids with low strength CBD compounds in addition.
    Further more – you should vape your CBD Oil btw 5-15W (max), otherwise – see second mention reason above. So, you need specific hardware fulfilling at least above mentioned wattages requirements for safety vaping CBD Oil.
    Last but not least, adjustable power and preheating mode hardware is recommended.

  2. So honestly I get confused easily and I have huge trouble sleeping without herbal assistance but I hate how THC messes with me but I had the taste of the plant and was wondering what flavored CBD E-Liquids there are available, something like nicotine vape juices to get rid of that natural taste and what good vape pen for CBD e liquids I should use so I don't break the mod or pen. Thanks!

  3. Hope you can advise. I am using a INNOKIN Endura T18E Starter Kit with CBD liquid but the taste is really bad, a burnt taste? Is the device wrong for CBD liquid.

  4. The innokin is a good vape but has some major issues and number 1 is the different ohm coils are slightly different sizes so can cause leaking and number 2 is the plastic drip tips thread wearing away in a week or 2 to the point it wont even stay on the vape been through in just over a month its the reason i went and got the caliburn g

  5. Nice going through ur vids after watching ur review on the innokin an I see this one an wow the innokin is in the lineup nice…out of all of these what would u say would the best one that gives u nice flavor an not wast any in the cloud? I do like the innokin but after seeing this was wandering

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  7. i just get my cbd ejuice,but a bit confusing whether i need to vape it with subohm,but i own a caliburn G.i just trying my luck,then i found your it suitable for cbd vaping with Cali G though?

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