1. Dont come to Texas with your meds cause you will be facing a felony, if you get pulled over by our over-zealous cops, cause our government wants to worry about what brand of cigarette people smoke. They think they have some sort of control over who can have cannabis .

  2. This is why these kids are goibg crazy rveryone cant handle marijuana's. There should not be legalize marijuana.. Crime has increasr the quality of life is totally off the map. The air quality living in your housing developement is unhealthy. People have respiration problems no one thinks about it

  3. Is Texans have to support our local cartels to get our marijuana. It’s ok except I don’t like supporting murdering cartels and all the rape trees on the southern border. But hey my concious clear I don’t make the laws.little tip for us worked who get a drug test it’s delta 8 your consumption it’s legal in the federal passed farm bill of 2018 . Hemp can have .3 % thx in the dark bill which is enough to fault a test hence it’s legal

  4. People/places like this are the reason the price of cannabis is so high right now. Dispensaries basically do nothing but take a packaged product and sell it for 2x (or more) what they paid. Nice scam if you can get the license. Why waste your money in a dispensary when you can get the same, or better product, on the street for about 1/2 the cost.

  5. Let's ignore the fact that it being illegal funds cartels and violence and kids get it easier from dealers that simply don't i.d you don't realize the only bad happening from it is cuz it's illegal has medical benefits that's enough to prove it shouldn't be schedule 1

  6. You realize it doesn't mean there is no weed, it means cartels and violent organizations make the money and sell it to kids. It being illegal is why more kids can get it a dealer doesn't i.d you 🤡🤣😂

  7. Cannabis has neuroprotective properties… I have a broken spine and nerve damage… Cannabis is a godsend… Instead of being prescribed cannabis or being allowed to grow my own medicine, I'm denied to work with a broken spine and a misdemeanor stuck in a state full of science denying leeches stealing my little left funds just to avoid being stuck in jail ( something id still have to pay for)… Nobody deserves to wear a badge swearing to serve and protect when the laws they uphold are unjust.

  8. These controlling fools are strangling the available income out of it. 12,000 person town in Oklahoma here. We went medical just over a year ago without massive permit fees or radical regulation. The swell of income all the way around is truly insane! Not to mention freeing up law enforcement…..

  9. Big business dispensaries don't deserve to sell marijuana, it's the people's weed let the people grow $70 for what 6 g you're out of your mind, free market that's what it should be

  10. I can't believe the news isn't making the stupid jokes about "munchies" or doritos sales skyrocketing anymore. I guess now that the money is rolling in they have to take it seriously.

  11. what a great way to make money for the state and people that run these dispensaries , that is what its all about and i hope it doesn't create a society of a bunch of burned out lazy people and before you say anything I've been smoking it for 50 years now but i don't smoke it all the time just in moderation it can be just like alcohol if you smoke it to much you'll become stupid lol

  12. Wouldnt be an issue if America could for once act like its title implies. United States of America. Most the country has it least medical but not every Disabled American gets treated equal. Pull your heads out America. Focus on cartels gangs and dirty politicians allowing real dangerous narcotics. MARIJUANA IS GOD GIVEN you can read about it in the bible in the beginning ( days of creation.) So much waisted time and blah blah blah discussion.

  13. Anyone who came across this video should check out temescal wellness in Hudson Massachusetts that's my go-to dispensary in my town and they are great for products I know one girl that works there and if I had to say they are some of the most friendliest people good group of staff and they have premium products especially some that are only made for them exclusive to them cheers stay safe people

  14. Temescal wellness is my hometown main dispensary in first one to open up in the town they are great people very friendly and have great products will help you with whatever you need exchange anything that ends up dying out or anything like vape pens but they have quality flour and the most safety with the virus everything is blocked no contact with anybody when you go up most contact would be rolling your window down to ask any questions or where to park if your first time other than that you don't really have to come in contact with anybody so you're safe if you're not vaccinated

  15. The legal weed business allowed white people who already had stable careers and gave them yet another avenue in life to make money from. Meanwhile black and brown people are still getting fucked over and criminalized. The people who pioneered the way for white realtors can almost never participate in a market that they created

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