How To Make A Safe THC/CBD Vape Cart 2020 – DIY Guide To Making Weed Vape Oil

Learn the best and safest way in 2020 to make safe and clean weed vape pens, marijuana vaporizer oil, cbd/thc e juice liquid for cartridges and more. This DIY …


  1. From what I can tell you are using dispensary bought distillate or dabs, do you think this would work with homemade or would it have to be winterized and decarbed perfectly? Im in the UK so I gta do it all myself SMH. I've done a few ISO oil runs but I ruined it with WaxLiquidizer and I've been too scared to waste anymore in carts ever since, Im also thinking butane would give a cleaner starting product as its a more selective solvent….any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey bro, just came from the previous how to video, thanks for the info. Keep doing your thing.
    could you help me with some additional info and your personal experience.
    How long does a .5 or full gram of concentrate last you?
    How many hits do you need to feel like you smoked a joint?
    Once you feel like you have smoked a joint, how long do the effect last?

    If someone smokes just a gram of flower a day,(2-3 joints) how long do you think a gram cartridge will last?
    At those concentrations would it be better to dilute the concentrate with e juice to help keep it fresher for longer?

    if anyone with experience sees this please drop an answer 😀
    stay safe, and blaze up sukas.

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