1. Hey we don't need any talking heads in the scientific community telling us it works or not. Those of us that use it know first hand that it is way more effective than any big pharma synthetic crap. In my opinion most of the so called scientific community have sold us out for $, job title and ego.

  2. My anxiety disorder is as good as gone. Now sometimes I still worry about getting a panic attack, but then at the time where just thinking about it, normally starts the panic attack, it just fades away as anxiety is at zero.

  3. “Schedule 1”, vs the benefits of Cannabis, exposes government/corporate (pharma) corruption. Confirmation enough to suspect political/ medical tyranny behind every drug “crises” and plandemic /dehumanizing mandates.

  4. No mention that taking it long term is where the benefits come from. Taking lower doses for long periods allows the body to utilize the nutrient and return the body to homeostasis. Personally I take 150 mg over the course of the day. This makes my cost per day around $3…

  5. I suffer from P.T.S.D and trauma , I'm prescribed 3x5mg valium and 3x1mg a day ,

    In the summer of 2020 I tried the CBD drops { 600mg }
    I put 2 drops under my tongue and instead of reducing my ptsd and trauma and anxiety… it sent me into a psychotic episode
    I lost complete touch wit reality , it was a scary fukin experience ,
    It said on the bottle
    <o.o2% THC ,
    But there was more than <o.o2% THC in it ,
    It was the THC content in the 600mg CBD that sent me into that psychotic episode,
    I honestly think that the bottle had about
    94 – 95% CBD and 5 – 6% THC in it ,
    The companies don't tell the truth on the labels ,
    If you're someone who suffers from any type of paranoia, P.T.S.D, trauma, anxiety episodes { lose touch wit reality anxiety}
    Then I'm telling you here now to stay away from CBD, because I'm not the only person to have that bad experience,
    It makes your mental health worse and can traumatise you for a long long time,

    People's voice go all echoed, your not in control of your body , all your senses of life and reality just leave your body ,
    Its like your soul has left your body , you don't know who you are , what's going on , where you are ,
    You keep asking people : where am I, what's going on ,
    Your whole view and experience of life is gone , its a nasty nasty experience, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy

  6. A piece of anecdotal evidence: for a while (two months) CBD-lacerd oil served as a rather good anti-anxiety placebo for me. I stopped using it, and the effect (better sleep) remains after six months. Human mind is amazing and perplexing.

  7. No matter what research will be made and for how long, the FDA will still not approve most cbd related remedies against anxiety because to whom they are going to feed all those produced benzos?

  8. Does wonders for my social anxiety and organizes my thoughts and I do not need any FDA approval to feel the effects. Of course big farma will say that the research is inconsistent and it never will be, because in the eyes of pharmaceutical companies only their pills work and nothing else.

  9. Not all CBD is created equal, I get mine from a club. The owner of the club developed a full spectrum tincture to help with his sons seizure disorder. The product is called Freedom. The father opened the club after seeing the success of CBD for his boy. He has a story on Youtube called Jaydens Journey. For me the product helps with pain, inflammation anxiety and neuropathy. Buying CBD from the grocery store may not provide the same relief as a club. Sometimes it takes trying a few different brands before finding the right one, just as with Rx. I do use essential oils and follow a healthy diet for overall health.

  10. 20mg of CBD lets me fall asleep peacefully, whereas without CBD I lie there in an state of anxiety for hours before exhaustion makes me sleep. For me, CBD is a game changer and 20mg is enough. You don't need anywhere near 300mg to have a beneficial effect…

  11. As a cannabis patient (for the treatment of ADHD, SPD [Sensory Processing Disorder], C-PTSD, ASD [Autism Spectrum Disorder] ) I found that CBD, when smoked, did absolutely nothing; the problem being that CBD doesn't affect your central nervous system nearly as much as THC. For example, THC helps to alleviate an overload of sensory perceptions as the problem lies in my brain and nervous system being too sensitive to external stimuli; imagine the dry, overheated roots of a tree suddenly receiving a wealth of rainwater an' soaks it up like a sponge for some cool relief – CBD, however… just splashes the tree trunk with a bucket

  12. It doesn't react the same in all people. it also depends on the manufactured prescriptions your using, they can have different effects while using cbd. basically it fights off the crap your doctor is making you swallow. cbd attacks the bad just like your immune system. Use common sense and think about it.

  13. placebo or not shit works for me. it helps me mainly with anxiety and occasionally sleep if i use enough. people shouldn’t be upset if it’s a placebo if it actually ends up helping you.

  14. I find it makes me feel agitated. If you want help with anxiety or depression you need to consider using psilocybin. It definitely works. To bad you can't take it every day as it works way better than antidepressants.

  15. All depends on what medication your taking too help you with your mental health, I’m diagnosed with psychosis and adhd, I’m 35 and now they want too give me medication, I won’t take it cos it’s been that long, I’m a none user of drugs n beer but at time have my moods, cbd had no effect on me I just crack on it’s hard but sure we’ll all get there I spend one hour a day on YouTube and I find it better to cope with

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