CBD Oil for Anxiety: Miracle Cure or Hype?

In this video, author and mental health educator Douglas Bloch shares his experience and research about how CBD is being used to treat anxiety, pain, and …


  1. Hey Douglas.Thanks for this video (too). I'm just about to start to take CBD .I was on antidepressant before,so I'm just hoping some benefit of kinda alternative solution.

  2. Was consuming kratom about kilo a month for a couple of years. After starting taking cbd oil, i had started to feel less urge to take kratom. In two weeks my dose had decreased to 1 gram a day. And after another week i no longer consume kratom, did not even feel any withdrawals. However when tried to quit kratom without using cbd, started to feel withdrawals crippling in in about 8 hours after last dose taken. CBD is truly a miracle

  3. Would CBD work for Panic Disorder, physical symptoms and attacks.
    I have epilepsy but only had the 1 seizure in 24yrs and had nothing since but I still take Phenytoin meds for this, will Phenytoin interfere with CBD OIL OR CBD GUMMIES

  4. CBD has helped my anxiety so much. I had a hard time finding the right product and company after trying countless bottles of CBD oil a friend recommend Eden's Herbals, I would highly recommend them. They have both full spectrum and isolate! Fast free shipping too!!

  5. Here in GErmany they sell CBD oil with 15 percent and 10 percent or something. I dont even understand waht those 15 percent indicate, but which one would be best to buy? The 15 percent want costs like 50 Euros, almost like 50 Dollars

  6. An hour ago I took 10 mg of high quality full spectrum CBD oil. After 15 min my anxiety went away, I feel relaxed. I think this is very good product for that purpose.

  7. Doctors say I have to cut down on diazepam . I have ptsd anxiety , it's debilitating and horrible. I'm scared of coming off diazepam.

    I'm hoping that smoking CBD is going to help me. 🙏

  8. I am creating a new life working on a self help course… looking to see what experts their are…. your head line is exactly where my heart is. I want to education folks about CBD and Cannabis medicine in general! your information will was great and well presented! thank you maybe our paths will cross again as CBD as a tool to help folks who want recovery or a higher quality of living are the folks I want to serve. thanks great format … we are one. Namaste

  9. The biggest danger of depression is that you may not be suffering from depression but something else that has depression as a major symptom, and some of these illnesses can kill you . Type two diabetes cancer liver and heart disease can all cause depression.

  10. This is great and very informative. I have anxiety and depression….I have been on Klonopin for 30 years and will probably be on it for life, however I do take some CBD Isolate (0%THC) and find it to be very relaxing (via vape). I find it outrageous that marijuana is still a schedule 1 substance.

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