CBD Oil: Beneficial or Bull$%!T?

This is the CBD Oil I take and trust: https://www.planttherapy.com/alpham (Plant Therapy) Before you take CBD oil it is critical that you do your own research and …


  1. if it comes from commericsl hemp its worthless. thats stuff is worthless if it doesnt come from a female canibus plant its not gonna do a thing for u or too u. thats the problem cause there isnt enough% effect a hampster. hemp is useless u dont need a permit to grow it its like growing cow corn. this works if it comes from a female canibus plant then you will have the amazing effects ive tested it all with my own skatbjard injuries took that and only that the stire stuff does nothin, then the stuff i make from the real deal home grown camnibus abd and the toje it takes and the secrecy simple way to make your own oil, and its gotta be strong and it works , what they sell does not wasting your money

  2. How does CBD work so well for everyone? I used it all the time, I smoked it, drank it in tea and used the oils and went through 3 different companies and it just did not work for me at all and my anxiety is as bad as it always has been.. it sucks that i’m immune one of the biggest remedies for anxiety

  3. CBD oil works great… But can get super pricey if you take daily. So i recommend making your own. This is my recipe:

    4-8 oz of hemp flower (Look for deals, trim will also work and is cheaper)
    6-12 oz Coconut oil
    Crockpot (Low Setting)

    Decarb Bud in oven for 1 hr at 250f. Grind, put in crockpot on low with oil for 6-12 hrs, strain, put in fridge. Enjoy.

  4. I’ve been struggling with insomnia for months now, I think it’s because I have anxiety, will the CBD help me??? I am desperate to sleep properly

  5. Literally brought it a few days ago because I suffer from anxiety and insomnia- I drank and smoked a lot too to help these problems- after watching my main man I tried CBD and it’s been life changing and have saved soo much money and my weight is down and muscle recovery is high. Love you man 💙

  6. This is a true thing that I'm telling you I could do cocaine every weekend with beer and I don't get panic or feel weird crystal meth I done it before and it don't make me feel panic or weird but if I smoke weed eat some edibles gets me panic feels like I can't breathe and messes my mind up makes me think a lot!!! Y is this !!

  7. Can somebody please tell me how I can get CBD? like should I visit a psychiatrist for example and should I make sure that it is legal in the country where I live ?

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