cbd indoor growing tips

Some basic info on indoor cultivation for decent buds. Check with your local, state and federal laws for legality. Seeds or clones can be obtained from seed …


  1. you said you used organic tea to feritlize? what type of tea? and do you mean tea oil or the liquid of a tea?. Also how often do you do this?. thanks!

  2. I am using a Bio-manure in Industrial Hemp Farming, having following ingredients and am getting wonderful results every time:

    1. Cocopeat: 60%
    2. Azadirachta Indica cake: 10%
    3. Castor cake: 10%
    4. Bio-consortium: 10%
    . (N,P,K fixer bacterias)
    5. Vermi-compost: 10%
    I am ready to tell source of it for the benefit of mankind.

  3. I got a tip for ya get some real medical cannabis, cbd in not medicine… powder mildew stop spraying near lights off and try a great product organic from my brother at Florida state univ. It's called Serenade bye bye powder mildew. Color my oil filled trichomes, oh get some mylar for walls and floor for reflection…. Good luck, I know why you need to ballance nutes and PH, maybe enzyme clean roots up Hygrozyme. ✌

  4. Awesome video. What would happen if you have male / females close to each other? I know the females are the bud producers. But would having grown up next to male plants make it seedy? Thanks in advance.

  5. How can you cheap out on fan? A plant can't grow more flowers than it can hold up. Without fan(s) the stocks are going to be significantly weaker and your yields are going to suffer big time! Over 5 bucks??

  6. Have you grown any of the CBD autoflower? I'm going to try and get a hemp grower permit and was really looking for info on the autoflower cbd strains and how much yield they produce

  7. how do you make your cbd oils ? i made one with 6 litres oil and 800 g of dry outdoor buds
    mixed them together and let them sit for 2 day at about 80° C
    laboratory test was only at 0,16% cbd
    do you know a way to get a higher concentration of cbd or is my material that bad ?

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