A Shelter In Place Guide to Growing Medicinal Hemp to Make CBD

A guide for what you need to do to quickly start an indoor hemp grow from scratch. Tools Needed for a 1 Plant Grow Setup: 2’x2’x4′ Grow Tent: …


  1. What a great video really explained everything. Just subscribed would like to grow my own Hemp plants for my mental illnesses, anxiety etc. As it’s much cheaper than buying in store. Thank you πŸ™πŸ½

  2. Very useful!! Quick question. I ripped out a male plant out of my 10 gallon pot that I might've let grow a bit too long because the pollen sacks were starting to be very visible to the eye. Do you think it's fine to grow a feminized seed in it with some roots left over? (I picked out the smaller larger roots and the large roots came up with the plant)

  3. Growing you should all know marijuana has a hallow stalk and hemp does not so make sure it's got a solid stalk at harvest. lol Endless you want to get high with a thc strain you didn't know it was a halariesus prank from a friend.

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