77-Year-Old Coloradan With Parkinson's Does An About Face On Marijuana

A medical marijuana study at the University of Colorado Hospital is looking into whether pot can help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


  1. Cmon, and it is the coolest plant in the yard grown correctley. Jesus. Our goverment has all those more disruptive lab grown drugs to deal with……

  2. Medical Cannabis and a Good Diet are a medical necessity for all those of us who have been innocently and ignorantly consuming such hard to avoid mitochondrial poisonous polyunsaturated Vegetable oils in our diets and got one or more of many more modern thus metabolically caused diseases and CANCERS. These barely existed before about 1900 when industrially manufactured Vegetable seed oils and foods started becoming available. You need to exclude all manufactured snacks, takeaways, restaurant fried and manufactured foods to avoid all these vegetable oils. The ideal solution for ultimate healthy longevity is to go fully VEGAN and take Cannabis Supplementation to boost your damaged Endocannabinoid System until you are better (maybe 2 years or so) while getting all vegetable seed extract, typical industrially refined cooking oils out of your diet. You certainly can use some polysaturated animal food-based oil/fat, that is in all animal products if you are not quite so ill or worried about living as long as reasonably possible while remaining perfectly healthy. Best luck from your optimally self reeducated and friendly family Dr David who wants to see you be actually cured of all the modern diseases that are definitely so dietary-based in origin.

  3. Bog pharma have to get their share and prophets. Dec 2020. Breaking news. A new breakthrough. And its vegetable and fruit related. This Damn drug is nothing but marijuana. And designed to make big drug company's, and Drs money. Legalize decriminalize. Grow your own and cut out drug companies

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  6. Weed is a plant
    Anyone selling that plant is a drug dealer. The plant should be legal across the board. Make the sale of seeds legal and growing legal. And keep the selling of it illegal, simple.

  7. Alternate day fasting, calorie restriction, regular exercise, a relaxed mind prevents this condition. This drug is an insecticide, the plant uses to protect the seeds. Shit life means shit end….

  8. CBD is snake oil for me. Hasn't improved any of my symptoms and it's expensive as hell. I live in Utah, and there is a hemp registry that companies have to apply for. Successful applicants are required to provide access for the state to lab test at random for the contents of the CBD. So I know I'm getting lab-grade oil, but it just hasn't helped.

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