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  1. There's a lot of things that need to go right to achieve your best yields and majority of the key factors to a good grow are on the gardener.. not the equipment used. I always assume the grower has sufficient lighting for the area being used.. I don't care what brand your rocking. I rather talk gardening and what needs to be done to set your self up for a great grow. I hope this video helps 😉 … also.

    Last weeks Clone to Harvest Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5lFqIhQPnA&t=19s


  2. I use general Hydroponics synthetic line and coco (70/30) mix…for some reason I keep getting nutrient lockout or something like it around week four to five of flower…so my question is why and how does this keep happening

  3. I would like to see you do an outdoor grow. You could teach the diff between NATURAL and ARTIFICIAL light. Plus I would like to see how you maximize yields. Love your channel

  4. I’ve started my first outdoor grow this summer* I got a very late start. Just coming home from hospital. Anyhow I’ve grown a white widow clone, a super silver haze, and one blueberry cookies from seed that has just begun to stretch into flower. My white widow is in week midweek 3. Any trimming advice. Outdoors in Oklahoma 918

  5. Hey man
    Firstly just want to say that I enjoy your videos and appreciate the knowledge bro I've learned heaps from watching and just want to say thanx and keep up the good work
    Stay blazed homie

  6. Can I ask have you grown Godzilla glue? If so can you give me any tips thanks. Also I’m using advanced nutrients ph perfect in canna soil I know not everyone is a lover of bottled nutes but due to space and work I struggle with time. Any help is greatly appreciated tia

  7. i love your videos man i really do you help every out so much thank you so much!! i have one question, my plants are about 5 weeks old now and i was wondering if i should start trimming leaves off and how to do it , this is my first indoor grow thanks from the help by you!

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